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Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue, Inc.


Name of Adopter
Address of Adopter
Adopter Telephone Number
Address of where adopted horse will be kept
E-mail address
I currently own one or more horses
Describe your experiance with horses
Why do you want to adopt a horse?
Name of horse you would like to Adopt?
What do you plan to do with this adopted equine?
Please check here if you inderstand that breeding this adopted horse is strictly forbidden.
Describe where the horse will be kept
Veterinarian Name and Phone #
Farrier name and phone #
Trainer name and phone # if applicable
Please give three references
Have you ever been convicted of equine abuse or neglect? Check here if yes.
Additional Comments or Questions

Please click on the paypal.com button below to submit your Adoption Application Processing fee of $25.00.


Interested in adopting?

You will need to start by filling out an adoption application so we can get some information about you. We do require references and want to know what type of rider/handler you are and where you plan to keep your adopted animal.

Please allow us 5-7 business day to contact your refrences and get back to you.

At your boarding facility or home there should be solid fences that are not easily escapable, shelter (trees are ok), clean water troughs. Two horses sharing the same feed bin is  not acceptable. Feed is to be stored in a safe dry place that is not easliy acessable by your horses. We want to see what kind of hay/ grain you feed. We want to see all of your other animals as well. 


We do have a hauler than can haul for you for a resonable fee or the horse can be picked up by the adopter from our facility.
All fee's must be paid in full prior to the adopter picking up the horse. You will be mailed a copy of the contract. Registration papers will be held by Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue until the adoption is final.


Breeding is strictly not allowed. Any accidental offspring automatically become part of the original adoption agreement. Offspring may not be sold or given away.

Adoption Fees:

Adoption fees are not intended to be equal to or greater than fair market value. Adoption fees are not the costs of rehabilitation and care during their stay with Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue. Once the adoption contract is signed there are no refunds.Filing fees are non-refundable and are due at the time the adoption application is submitted.

The Agreement:

The agreement states that the horse you adopt may not be moved without prior approval of Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue prior to it's being moved. If you move, we will need to come out to your new facility.

Transfer of Ownership:

Your newly adopted horse is forever jointly owned by Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue and the adopter. Original copies of the registration papers will be kept in our office and you will be given a copy. The main reason we do this is to ensure our " No Sell " policy. The adopted horse may never be sold.

Reasons for Repossesion of adopted equine:

Breach of contract in any way.  We will not remove the horse because it had no water during one of our inspections. We would call it to the attention of the adopter and perform an additional inspection to ensure that the problem was corrected at our own date/time not notifing the adopter. We will remove and equine if it's ribs are showing on two consecutive or non-consecutive site inspections.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at: