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Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue, Inc.

New Arrivals

These are the two craigslist horses that arrived on 6/16/06.

I am extremely hurt by the way these two horses have been treated. These two mares are the ones that were posted on craigslist.

They got here at about 6pm today. The man driving the trailer had no regaurd for the two skinny horses in the back, trying to stand up. He kept slamming on the brakes and gasing it really fast. And this was only in the driveway of our facility. I can only imagine how the whole trip went.

We unloaded the first mare. And he says " There's a scratch on her head." I think "ok, scratch, no big deal" I reach in the manger to attach the lead rope and I almost lost it. She has a HUGE gaping wound from between her eyes that leads all the way up to between her ears. Flesh hanging from it. Tons of flys and tons of maggots. She is extremely emaciated and her feet are terrible. She is a dark bay mare and as sweet as they come. And about 15.3hh.

The second mare unloaded and was very emaciated and feet looked awful. She is a dark sorrel and about 16hh. Both mares bee-lined for the water and were grabbing at the thissle along the walk way to eat.

The guy barely said goodbye before he was in his truck speeding away from us.

I cleaned up the dark bays head and cut all of her hair off that was covered with junk. We washed it out and scrubbed her face with betodine and put on some Equine Wound Relief. We put an old T-shirt over her face above her eyes and covered her face with a fly mask. No flys are getting under that thing! It's going to take quite some time for these two girls to be back to themselves. The two owners of the property and I just stood there in disbelief at how someone can just leave an animal to die a horrible death. All three of us with tears in our eyes.

They both got tucked in to a big paddock together with some grass hay that they are scarfing down at the moment.

Hug and kiss your horses extra tonight.....these two gals are going to need a lot of TLC. And yet they are both very trusting and mellow.

We could use some old T-shirts for her wound, since it's such a hard place to put a bandage on. And also some cleaning supplies. She's going to need it for quite some time, poor girl. Any help you could give these gals would really help them.

Dark Bay Mare
Ashley cleaning out her head wound.

Dark Mare
Head wound after cleaning and cutting off hair.

Dark Mare

Sorrel Mare
Poor girl didn't take her head out of the grass the whole time we were there.

Sorrel Mare
Out in the pasture