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Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue, Inc.

Donate A Horse

Your donation is greatly appricaited!

Equine Donation

   We understand how difficult it must be to decide to give up your horse. There are many reasons that can make owning your horse completely impossible.

  Please understand that because of high costs for shoeing/trimming, veterinary care, vaccines and wormers. Horses being donated need to be current on vaccinations - or a donation (a minimum of a $100) must be given when the equine is donated to our program. 
   If you have an older horse (over 20 years old) there will be a $200.00 fee to help us pay for the unexpected costs of an older equine.  Owner of the donated equine is responsible for trasportation. 
  You will
receive a tax-deductible receipt for the adoption value of the equine.

If after reading this form you would still like to donate your horse please contact us and ask for a donation form.

Name of horse you would like to donate
Location of horse
Riding Abilty
Health Issues
Why do you want to donate this horse?
Deadline to relocate
I need transportation to your rescue
I have my own transportation to your rescue
Name, Telephone number and email of doner