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Diamonds In the Rough Equine Rescue, Inc.

How to Adopt

Please read the following information.  This will give you an idea as to what our procedures are for adopting.  It is very important to know our terms prior to picking out a horse. 

It is the policy of Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue to place each horse in the home the best suited for the individual horse. In addition, horses adopted from Diamonds In The Rough cannot be resold, given away, or be relocated from the original, approved facility without the permission of Diamonds In The Rough unless ownership of the horse has been turned over to the adopter (each horse/burro, depending on history, will have a specific timeframe that Diamonds In The Rough will retain ownership).

Before a horse can be adopted the following procedure must be followed:

Complete and return the enclosed Diamonds In The Rough Adoption with an application fee of $25. Please note; this application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Payment of this fee does NOT guarantee approval of your application. An Adoption Application without the application fee will not be reviewed.  If your application is denied, the application fee will go towards the care of the horse specified in the adoption application as a donation.
Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue will contact you to make an appointment to go over the application and to schedule a time to meet.  Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue is not a public facility and so no one without an appointment will be seen.
If Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue has a suitable horse at the time, we will schedule an appointment to check the potential adopter’s facilities.  All references given must be over the age of 18.
Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue may require sessions between you and the horse to determine compatibility. Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue reserves the right to deny adoption for any reason in its sole discretion, and is not obligated to state any reason for such denial.
When all requirements and preliminary adoption procedures have been satisfied, Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue will require the following at the time of final adoption:
Completion of an Adoption Contract with such terms and conditions as Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue may, in its sole judgment and discretion determine.
Payment in full of a non-refundable adoption fee which is based upon each individual horse, and set by Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue. This fee is based not on the value of the horse but rather the life of the horse. The adoption fee is based upon your ability to donate to us so we may continue rescuing other horses.
Upon final adoption of the horse, the adopter is responsible for the transportation from one of the Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue facilities to the adopter's facility in a manner acceptable to Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue.  Arrangements can be made for transportation by Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue at a reasonable fee (either flat rate or per mile).   

Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue reserves the right to conduct unscheduled follow-up on the adopted horse with a twenty-four (24) hour notice to the adopter at Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue's  discretion. Upon placement of a horse, the adopter is required to submit to Diamonds In The Rough Equine Rescue a semi-annual health statement from a veterinarian and a quarterly statement from a farrier. Both statements are to be obtained at the adopter's expense.

Please email to have an adoption questionaire emailed to you or sent snail mail.